Vayishlach: The Master Solution


What trait can help us become close to G-d, reach a deep understanding of the Torah, improve our personal and work relationships, and contribute to every facet of life?

Vayishlach: When Success Breeds Humility


What causes people to be magnanimous? What’s the right way to handle success?
When the first Chabad Rebbe bested his opponents and achieved legitimacy for the new Chassidic movement, he wrote a letter to his followers which set their priorities straight.

Vayishlach: A Mother’s Dedication


Yaakov asked his son Yosef to inter him in the Cave of Machpelah. He took the opportunity to explain why he buried his mother on the road near Beit Lechem instead of bringing her to the Cave of Machpelah - so that the children of Israel on their way into exile would pray at her gravesite and ask her to intercede on their behalf. But why should Yosef come to terms with his mother’s loneliness? How...

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