The goal of the Taamu Ur’u project is, as reflected in its name, to provide our lay-leaders and community friends with an authentic taste of the Rebbe’s Sichos at Farbrengens.

Many of our supporters are proficient in Jewish texts. They study Tanya, Pirkei Avos and Chofetz Chaim. They often express the desire to learn the Rebbe’s teachings from the original — not short vertlach and sayings — but too often lack the tools to do so.

Taamu Ur’u is designed to answer just this need. Interesting and relevant selections of the Rebbe’s Farbrengens were chosen and translated, along with a number of sources to provide a more in-depth study experience. Often, a second Sicha is brought for those who wish to study further.

These Sichos could be used for an in-text one-on-one study session or small study groups, or to be presented verbally by a speaker. The optimal time for such a class is 25-30 minutes, and is perfect for a Zoom class, a pre-davening shiur or Shalosh Seudos.

The project will include advertising material (with editing options available on canva) along with the Sicha and its sources in Hebrew and English (and an additional Sicha for further reading).

A special whatsapp group will be created for the users to share tips, feedback and advice for delivering these classes.

The project is provided to all Shluchim free of charge, by the Shluchim Office.

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