Behar-Bechukosai: Three Layers of Comfort


Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, his son Rabbi Elazar, and the Rebbe each provide a message of encouragement to the Jewish people. The inspiration begins with the Talmud, continues through the Zohar, and receives a new layer of insight through the teachings of Chassidism.

Emor: High Court on the Dock


The prophet Elijah delivers a scathing rebuke to the High Court, the group of the most respected elders of Israel. Their crime? They failed to wander through the shtetls and teach Jewish children.

Passover: Four Questions for Life


On Passover eve, we all gather around the Seder table and turn our attention to the children’s recital of the Four Questions. These Questions are not just children’s play. They have deep meaning and relevance for every person’s life. The following pages contain a new and original interpretation for the ancient and beloved text.

Vayikra: How Many Times Could You Ask?


During the central prayer in Jewish tradition, the Amidah, we ask G-d for health, wealth and happiness. But why is it recited three times a day? Can't I suffice with once a day? And what if I lack nothing--What am I praying for?



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