Toldot: Isaac’s Legacy


Our forefather Abraham introduced the concept of monotheism and hospitality. Jacob's legacy was the 12 tribes of Israel. But what was Isaac's legacy?

Toldot: Turning a New Leaf


The Talmud states that three categories of people are absolved of all their sins: the newly married, the newly appointed leader, and the newly appointed ‘sage.’
Why? Is this absolution attainable for ordinary people?
Life-lessons from Esau, Rabbi Ze’irah, and Israel’s third president.

Toldos: Faith in G-d – On Whose Account?


Our Sages command us to honor the Shabbat and promise that the costs won’t be included in our destined portion for the year. But there is a caveat: If you have no assets, don’t go into debt. Why can’t we borrow with the power of our faith in G-d?

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