Yom Kippur: Personalized Repentance

During the High Holidays we read the exhortations to repentance of the prophets Hosea, Isaiah, and Jonah. Are they all discussing the same repentance, or are there different types of repentance for different people?
An address about repentance and what type of repentance is right for me.

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Rosh Hashana: Struggle and Success

“Chanah’s prayer” is a fascinating biblical story that reflects the inner life and challenges of us all, and is especially relevant on the most important day of all – Rosh Hashanah.

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Pesach: Security Measures

The world around us is tumultuous and turbulent. Terrorism in Israel, the war in Europe and divisions in societies around the world evoke feelings of fear and anxiety. What can we do about it?

During the Plague of the Firstborn, blood on doorposts protected the Jews. What its modern day version?

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