Va’era: Jewish Genius

January 6, 2021

Until two hundred years ago, eighty percent of the world’s population was illiterate. The statistic among the Jewish population was the opposite: Eighty percent could read and write. How can we explain the difference? Insight into the age-old Jewish approach to education.

Part 1 | The Egyptian Elite

Torah Source: The Torah’s description of the sorcerers.
Source: A short historical description of Egyptian society and their attitude towards education.
Sicha: The beginning of the Rebbe’s Sicha, describing the situation in Egypt at the time.

Part 2 | Education for All

Torah Sources: The sources which demonstrate that the Giving of the Torah—and Torah study throughout the generations—is for everyone.
Sicha: The Rebbe’s explanation about the Giving of the Torah and how it contrasted Egyptian culture.
Torah Sources: How education is integral to serving G-d.

Part 3 | Keep the World Informed

Sicha: The Rebbe’s explanation that this does not pertain to Torah study alone, but to all wisdom—it is always your obligation to share it with others.



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